Monday, March 7, 2011

A Year of Change

     Going in to 2011, I knew it was going to be a year that I would remember. Some years have that ability to just sneak by and looking back on them, you cannot recall anything that made that year stand apart. 2011 is not going to be one of those years. In the first 3 months of this year, there are already things that looking back on make me tear up, belly laugh, violently angry, and even a few that make me nauseous.

     Last Friday I closed on my house. It sounds weird to state that. My house. I love everything about it. It's cute, cozy and romantically girly. The weekend was going to be perfect for moving in, until I woke up Saturday morning to a monsoon. Rain was falling every direction possible, the county was under a flood watch. Moving still went pretty smoothly, and last night was the first night that the girls and I stayed in our new house.

     It was weird going to sleep alone last night, knowing that he isn't on travel or out doing something. Knowing that he was across town asleep in our old bed. To say I slept well would be a giant lie, that I don't have the energy to tell. There was a giant void in my heart and mind. The house however, was nice, quiet and peaceful. A warm place where I felt very content to be. The girls were happy in their new rooms, and even my two furry pals slept all night as well.

     This morning was a little hectic, trying to get ready and make sure that I do all the things I normally do and the tasks that he normally does also. The girls were very helpful though, it seems that they just know when I need them to step up their game. Tonight softball practice starts, and life goes on. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that this year will be packed with adventure, tears, fun, and prayers.

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