Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Things We Rush

It seems that as humans we are always looking forward to what's next, what we could be doing, rather than enjoying where we are at that given moment. The problem with this is we rush through things that had we only slowed down and enjoyed, may have changed us forever.

For example, I cannot remember the countless times as a child I said, "I can't wait until I can drive," followed by, "I cannot wait until prom...graduation... the day I leave for bootcamp... the day I get to come home on leave..." I was in such a hurry to be a grown up and get to live life, that i simply missed so much. Travis and I couldn't wait to get married, so we went to the courthouse, then when I was pregnant with Hailey, I couldn't wait to meet her, that I forgot to enjoy actually being pregnant. In addition I was young. Thoughtless.

Of course looking back, I would change nothing, because of course it would alter the spin of the universe, but if I could tell my young self any one thing right now to do differently, simply enjoy today. Enjoy right now. If it's love and you're meant to be, plan the wedding, do what it is you really want when you close your eyes. Don't settle for less than everything you want, because there is no second chance.

Pregnancy is exhausting and makes you fat, but at night when you lay down and your body is still, you can feel a little person moving and growing inside of you, enjoy every moment, because when your kids are growing, you will never be pregnant again.

This post is lame, I am reading back over it, and it sounds like some gay inspirational junk you would read on a cheap sympathy card. Yuck. It sounded better in my head.  I am just feeling a little nostalgic tonight, and am in the process of watching young ones destroy their future, with hands bound, and it just makes me reflective.  I am going to snuggle up now, and ponder things far beyond my realm of knowledge :P (just goes along with this rant of sappy crap for tonight). If you read this far... Bless Your Heart.


  1. I felt the post was very uplifting and reflective. It does seem our instant world is not fast enough, and we do lose sight of now. Thank you for sharing a breath with us.

  2. Love you and I love your blog! You are wise beyond your years young thang!


  3. thank you both! I appreciate the comments back! Nice to know cyberspace hears me :)