Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Um Did I Sign Up for This???

My life has been absolute crazy.... MAYHEM...lately.... to the point they called to see if I wanted to do my own Allstate commercial.... (okay that was a lame joke... sorry) but in all seriousness, the last several months. WHOOOAAAA.

What I am getting at is that when I started all this and God sent me out after my little pair of RUNNING SHOES... over my Xanax perscription, I did something completely crazy and signed up for a 5k run through mud and obstacles called WARRIOR DASH.... Check it.... www.warriordash.com

UM... WTF was I thinking???? JEANNA.... testing... testing.... is this thing on?

It is May 14th.... ummmmm 11 days away. I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks.... I went to Las Vegas, went to Florida, came home to work on my relationship with Russell, got hit with tornadoes... OMG and now BOOM.... I have 11 days to train... well strike that... 10 days because hahahahaha we all know my butt is on the computer right now and not doing anything with the rest of today.

So.... starting tomorrow... it's back to the gym immediately after work....I have 10 days to make May 14th hurt just a little bit less.... oh and in any hope to actually cross the finish line.... because BWAHAHAHAHA right now? It's a fantasy.... you know... not just a regular fantasy... but the one where Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr. drive up in my 2011 red Camaro convertible with white pin stripes fantasy to deliver me the keys and their services for the day. It just AIN'T HAPPENIN PEOPLE.

The next few weeks I will keep you posted on how I progress.... yes I am still smirking.... all right, time to cowboy up and get down to business.

Here's a little inspiration for you... cough cough... I meant me.


Yes, I embedded the link... because all the kinks aren't out of my internet yet, and it doesn't have the guts to pull from YouTube like normal.


  1. i raised my max bench 20 pounds today, and then after work went and ran 3.25 miles through the fucking hills around the golfcourse... so ill tell you what im going to do.. im going to call you after my soccer game tomorrow and deliver the meanest positive criticism....err... reenforcement youve ever seen. until then. salud.


  2. I can't wait.... I am seriously going to need you to yell at me like I am Gomer Pile... or like you issued the G.D. code red.... something to that affect. Make me cry like a little girl... cause I need to run like a WARRIOR... in um.... 10 days. :'(

  3. You will do fine...you are a VERY determined young lady! Oh but if by some weird chance Brad & Robert do come by, make sure you come and get me and pick up George and Vin along the way! I'll bring a pic-nic basket.

  4. ohhhh a picnic with 4 of the best men ever built... you are just as dillusional as I am!! YEEE HAAAA!!!