Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If I Could TAP Dance for You.... I WOULDN'T.

It's been that day... the one where someone says something about you... that they cannot ever take back or undo... where you sit there staring at them.... glaring a hole in the middle of their forehead to prevent you from grabbing them by their stupid ugly face and beating them into the wall. Yep, it's been that day.

Oh... and it wasn't Russell. lol. Guess that's important to get out of the way to start with.

Anyway... some allegations were made toward me today that left me in a state of shock... once that wore off I was absolutely more angry than I think I may have ever been at another point in my life. Anger is a very difficult emotion for me to contain.... I normally get pissed to the point that HOT tears well in my eyes and burn down my face only to make me that much more PISSED off that now someone has made me mad to the point that I am crying over it. If you ever have the ability to make me cry in public.... I highly suggest you follow it with running... because WRATH is following....

To put it lightly it has ruined the remainder of my day... which has also seriously ANNOYED me. I hate feeling this way, but I also know that it is time for me to move on and this is just more proof of the same. Hopefully I can get my brain back to the E side of the pissed off-ometer shortly. DEEP CLEANSING BREATHS.

I need an angry song... hmm...yes this should do NICELY.


  1. Sorry you had a bad day. (hugs) Good song pick--love that one. Don't feel silly---I cry too when I am mad. I think it is our way of "letting out the steam building up" LOL

  2. I'm the same way. If someone gets me to the point of tears because I'm mad I explode. What happened that was said about you? No one should talk crap about you. you can be stubburn and overbearing sometimes, but i'm the only one thats allowed to say it because well I'm blood. :) I love you anyways more then ever. Call me if you need to talk. I'm always available...and I'm all ears.

  3. Thanks guys, yes I managed to maintain control of the tears thank goodness!!