Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacation? Erm.... Didn't That Just Happen?

Yes, I just took a week long vacation in April... after much stress and frustration over the beginning quarter of this year, I would honestly say, it was much needed. I come home from vacation to find myself facing a change of heart between Russell and I... then some ohhhh smallish F5 TORNADOES.... then us moving his house and merging it with mine.... us selling a ton of furniture on Craigslist that means us running back and forth at all hours of the day and night, my home builders finally getting around to some of the things there were supposed to fix 3 months ago, the girls getting ready to leave for Colorado, softball season.... and um.... all I can say is THANK YOU GOD I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL RIGHT NOW.... and not still fighting with that mess.

I am sure that sounds like a bunch of whining... and in all honesty, it probably is. Hey, welcome to my blog... you don't have to endure the whining... but I have GOT to get it out of my system. Oh not to mention somewhere in all of that mess I have been trying to maintain eating healthy and training for a 5k through mud... right... cause the ones on pavement aren't a challenge enough... I add mud and obstacles.

Yep. That's me. Go big or go home...

Sigh.... there is chaos all over the house as we try to sort and get things in order... decide what's going where etc... so there is no "peaceful tranquil haven" for me to hide in currently. The bath tub... maybe my next blog will be from amidst bubbles and wine...

I am over the whining, and I apologize. I am just ready for things to ease up a little and slow down some. It is already middle of MAY!!

June is upon us, and June is a month I truly hate to rush through. It is my favorite of them all, it requires much savoring. Strawberry shortcake, flip flops, and the smell of ribs on the grill... oh yes sweet June. Just thinking about that is calming my anxiety an insane amount. I think I may very well find some rest in June.

In the meantime.... I need a little bit of this:

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