Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Notebook

The passion driven Ryan Gosling plays Noah... we've all seen it... if you haven't seen it... take the rest of the day off work and go get the movie... take it home and watch.

This is what women want. We sell ourselves short a lot because we are not acutely aware of any of these type men actually on the planet... at least I have yet to meet one. (Any of you girls that have one... pat yourself on the back) (in addition I mean no disrespect to the men that I have spent time with at all, they've been good people, great friends, and well.... more or less the other guy in this movie... and she does love him too).

Noah falls in love with Allie from the very beginning. They're crazy about each other... cannot get enough. But when she is pulled from his life.... not only does he write her letters (swoon) consistently for a year.... he spends the next 7 years of his life missing her.... then building her dream home for her.... when she arrives on scene again, he doesn't leave things unsaid... he doesn't wish there was a right moment... he grabs her there in the pouring rain and tells her, "it's still not over." of course followed by one of those love making scenes that if you've been fortunate to have in your life.... stick with you in your memory bank forever.

He realizes that he lost her once.... and he intends to never let that mistake happen again. Not ever. This hopeless romantic... that's me. The fact that he never gave up, never walked away, never faded in his passion even after so much time had passed.... is that real? Is that possible?

To my dearest Noah.... If you're a bird.... I'm a bird.


  1. 1. such a great movie! 2. but that is exactly what it is- a movie.

    I fear that if you hold out for the fairytale for which studios spend a numerous amount of hours and money to contruct a love scene that touches the hearts of women across all demographics (which is no accident according to trial screening and rewrites) - you may end up ultimately dissapointed. I hate saying that - b/c it is to insinuate that women should settle for the 'best option available'. Ugh. The answer?....yeah, I don't have one. But- I'd venture to say that if we strive with much efort to become the best of the movies in ourselves, the prince will find us without effort.

  2. I was in that position once...held onto a girl for 6 years...sought her out and found her again...and went after her life a bullet...but I came to find out...she wasn't the same anymore.

    Sadly, that amount of time changes a person...I was the guy, dreaming of her for years...and when we finally met...she was a different person...not the dream I had...I had waited years and years just to hold her in my arms...yet, sadly, she didn't want to be in my arms again...because she was different...be careful what you wish for.

  3. I swear its just like me and Shane except she's prettier than me and the movie was more squishy. Shane waited for me for 6 years. :) I love this movie. I must watch it now.

  4. lol jeanna... this is fiction. there really arent people like this... thats why the term is "hopeless" romantic... as in there's no hope of ever finding someone like that. people are inherently flawed thus making us people.

  5. I love you all, but I disagree. People have the ability to write about things that they feel, and if you have the ability to want something badly enough, I believe it's possible. We put men on the moon for pete's sake. :)

  6. No more settling for you dear one!

  7. thank you Laura... that's exactly it... no more settling!!