Friday, February 25, 2011

Something about a Friday

There is something strangely new and exciting about Friday's even when you have nothing planned for the weekend. A strong satisfaction of acomplishing another week. I made it! Seems a small accomplishment sure, but in reality it can be a major milestone sometimes. This week has been one of those monsters that drags it's stubborn feet and fights constantly. A week that fights so hard in fact, that when Friday breaks daylight one can't help but utter a silent prayer and feel hopeful.

There is a song lyric replaying itself in my mind today from one of my favorite artists, Jason Mraz. "What becomes of a day for those who rage against it?" and the answer I keep coming back to, is it too shall pass. That is a line that has never brought me any comfort at all, that my mother has actually crammed down my throat repeatidly since the day I was born. Over the course of my life, any time I have been faced with any trial or tribulation, her go to line has always been, "Jeanna, this too shall pass," and as much as that line has made me want to pop her in the forehead, I have also always found it to be true.

A new day will dawn whether I am happy or sad, above ground or dust in the wind, time will go on and this too shall pass. I am reminded of this fact again at my realization that it is Friday. The struggle of this week has been great on my heart. I've hurt a lot this week. I've looked for ways to sort out my frustration and anger, looked for shelves to stack piles of blame on, cried buckets of tears but honestly I am tired of it.

Again today, I pick running shoes. Thank you Friday, for all that you do.

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